We are a FAMILY who want to share our love of the outdoors VIA grass-root trail running events FOR OUR KENTUCKY PUBLIC LANDS.

Well, now that we have a daughter of our own, we want to share our love of the outdoors with her as well! In a state where only 11.8% of our land is open to the public, we want to conserve these sacred grounds we like to call our "cathedrals."

Our events focus on utilizing these public lands. We work together with our officials in organizing these events to leave as little impact as possible on our State Parks and National Forests. After each event we want to give back to these natural lands by improving the landscape and the trail systems in the local region we are working in.

Kentucky has some absolutely incredible natural landmarks and we want to share these stunning places with others through our events. Our courses are generally quite rugged and challenging taking you off the beaten path where no cars go. In return each participant will be treated to magnificent vistas, pristine waterways, gorgeous vegetation, and a unique experience for each person!

We hope to bring awareness to others how important our beautiful public lands are and hope to help conserve and preserve them for our daughters generation and many more generations to come!

-Daniel, Riah, and Eva Jane