Race Weekend Schedule

Friday May 17th, 2019
• 6:00pm-8:00pm | Runner packet pick-up @ Lewis Caveland Lodge Meeting Space.
• Optional Meeting with Runners at 8:00pm @Lewis Caveland Lodge.

Saturday May 18th, 2019
• 5:30 am – 7am | Mandatory check in/Bib Pickup @ Lewis Caveland Lodge Meeting Space
• 7:00 am | Race Announcements @ Fraley Amphitheatre
• 12:00 pm – Post-Race Awards @ Fraley Amphitheatre

Half Marathon Course Description

Approximately a 13.1-mile looped trail race that begins and ends at the Fraley Amphitheatre at Carter Caves State Park. The course takes runners along the State Park trails. Runners will be treated to miles of winding single-track trails and natural landmarks that include stunning rock overhangs, Raven Bridge, Fern Bridge, Smokey Bridge, Shangra La Arch, Natural Bridge, Smoky Valley Lake, and many of the State Parks famous caves. Carter Caves Half Marathon is a  challenging course and recommended for runners who have previously competed in more advanced trail running events. This course is absolutely BEAUTIFUL #bestkeptsecretinkentucky. Bring your camera and a dry pair of socks. There will be creek crossings and your feet will get wet! 

**There is a 6-hour cutoff time for Carter Caves Half Marathon



Aid Station Details 

  • AID STATION #1 (**All runners will pass this aid station twice**) Welcome Center - Approx. at mile 2.3 and mile 5.45 - Fully stocked check-in aid-station

    AID STATION #1 CUT OFF TIME 10:00am must be checked out (on the second check in)

  • AID STATION #2 Campground - Approx. at mile 7.75 - Fully stocked check-in aid station

    AID STATION #2 CUT OFF TIME 11:00am must be checked out

  • AID STATION #3 James Chapel Road - Approx. at mile 10.5 - Fully stocked check-in aid station

    AID STATION #3 CUT OFF TIME 12:00pm must be checked out



EJ Adventures will do it's best to follow the leave no trace philosophy and hopes you will agree to do your best to keep our Kentucky lands the same way before we started. 

  • All participants MUST use shuttle. Spectators are highly encouraged to use complimentary shuttle or carpool as much as possible. This is due to very limited parking at the Lodge.

  • This is a certified USATF event and all participants MUST sign a USATF waiver before event.

  • All participants MUST be 21+

  • This is a cup-free event. All participants MUST have a 12 ounce bottle or camel back to start race.

  • Leave no trace. Removing wildflowers or anything from the property will result in disqualification from all future events.

  • No pets are allowed on the race course.

  • Runners will need to check in and out of each aid station. This is for the safety of our runners and we don’t want to have to send an EMT team out to look for you just because you didn’t check in.

  • If you want to drop out of the race at any time, you must inform the nearest aid station.

  • All participants must be checked out of the last aid station by the cut off time to finish the race.

  • No transfers within 7 days of the event.

  • And this should go unsaid, but please don't litter :-)

Proceeds from race go towards Kentucky State Parks and trail maintenance for public use.

AWARDS – Awards will be given to the Top 3 Male and Female finishers of both races. All other runners will be given a custom award for finishing.

SHIRTS – All Runners will receive a race shirt. **Entries must be sent before May 1st to guarantee a size** 

There is NO WAY we could organize events like these without the help of our amazing volunteers! If you would like to help us out with this event please register below: 

*All volunteers will receive a race shirt, custom award, hot coffee, lunch buffet, and delicious local craft beer! (21+)