Before we get into the race recap itself, there are so many people to thank that put so much sweat, energy, and passion into making this event happen in the first place.

  • Ryan Camenisch: Best assistant RD and friend.

  • Doug, Laurette, Scott, Carla, Donald: Our parents are EXTREMELY supportive which helps so much.

  • Will Hanrahan: Scouted the roughest part of the original Moonbow course during dead heat summer, overgrown, and going through. copperhead alley multiple times. Also much much more. Thank you.

  • Jay Hawkins: This dude carried a chainsaw 4 miles in and 4 miles out on the Moonbow course like it was nothing. Thank you Jay.

  • John Ransdell: I’m pretty sure this whole Moonbow Ultra was all John’s idea in the first place. Next year he’s going to handle the awards ceremony again.

  • John’s Run Walk Shop (Melody, Karah, AJ, Emma, Colin, Riley, Jesse, Zack, Dustin, Sam) too many names to list that have been very supportive and play such a vital part within our running community in Central Kentucky.

  • West Sixth Brewing (Way too many people to list) You all know we love all of you.

  • Keeneland (Ditto)

  • Scott B. - Donating the SWORD for all our runners and being very supportive from the beginning.

  • Molly C. - KENTUCKY STATE PARKS FOUNDATION is EXACTLY WHY WE ARE DOING WHAT WE DO. Please check them out and see the good they are doing for out state and our public lands. Thank you Molly for everything.

  • Pam G. - Thank you for all the wisdom on the trails.

  • Doug T, Dania, Rick - You all have become my home away on the weekends. Thank you for all the shuttles and everything else.

  • Bill R. - Our state needs more Forest Service Rangers like this guy. Knows the land and truly cares for it.

  • Diane B. - We realize none of this could happen without you. Thank you for your passion for our parks and support for us.

  • Joe M. - You and your entire staff are top notch. Thank you for everything.

  • Lori S. - I need someone organized like you during these events. THANK YOU

  • Mayur and his family - BEST VOLUNTEERS EVER.

  • Brett - Donated some amazing prizes as always for our top 3 male and females. Looking forward to running with you next time on the west coast.

  • Devo - Another amazing donor for our top prizes. THANK YOU.

  • Julie - Julie and Astral team out of Asheville have been supportive from the beginning.

  • Jim, Logan, Kaylan - You all and the entire shop have been supportive from the very beginning. Logan you missed out on a great time!

  • Ben C. - Amazing drone operator. And up for any challenge thrown at him.

  • Linda and Joe - Thank you for your water donation every year. Our runners and us are very grateful every year.

  • Summer - Thank you for holding down the fort while I’m always out running around.

  • Clary and Vlad - The sweep was perfect.

  • Laura C and Erin P - Thank you both so much for your time and support.

  • Charles and Alex - You all were incredible volunteers and I am so glad we ran into each other like we did.

  • Brian and Sara - Incase anyone did not notice, every finisher received any AMAZING CRICKET PRESS design. THANK YOU BOTH for making such an incredible design.

  • Nick, Ryan, and Chris - You all amaze me with your work every time. We will need to sit down and plan something new for next year.

  • Mark and Eddie - You all came prepared and will definitely utilize your skills again.

  • Whitley County EMS - Kelly and Tabitha were excellent to work with.

  • Whitley County Search and Rescue - Rick Four and team were flawless.

  • Steve B. - This man is trying to manage a continuous 320 mile trail stretching through a majority of Kentucky. We should all be working to help maintain this in sections. Thank you Steve for your hard work.

  • Riah and Eva - The two most important people. Thank you for both for letting me pursue this side passion of mine. I hope Eva can grow up to go run around in the woods with pristine water streams, clean air quality, 0% debris, and appreciation for the this land we have been blessed with.


It takes a person with a lot of drive and endurance to run in the Moonbow Ultra. This course is EXTREMELY rugged and remote. It offers some of the best views in Kentucky but it takes a lot of work to witness these majestic places. Places where no cars go. This year the mighty and powerful Cumberland River decided to take charge and completely flooded the Moonbow trail. There was absolutely no way anyone could have made it a mile along the original course. As a whitewater kayaker, these hydraulics/eddies along the course were absolutely terrifying. The Cumberland River set a record on September 29th, 1994 of being at 6,400 Cubic Feet Per Second. On September 29th, 2018 the Cumberland River was recorded at over 20,000 Cubic Feet Per Second. This water was vicious.

Low Water Moonbow Trail


High Water Moonbow Trail


Low Water Cumberland River


High Water Cumberland River



Moonbow Ultra took over 6 months of hard work trail maintenance. We spent numerous hours on this course prepping it with close friends and other solid humane citizens. This year we truly experienced how wild this trail actually is. But every single time we question why we are sweating over our chainsaw or weed eater, we would stumble upon a new waterfall or plant species within our forest. I generally come back to work on Monday mornings with a new bite, rash, or just all around beat up from this truly rugged land of Kentucky. But an absolute adventure every single time

Kentucky is waking up and realizing the natural beauty is one of a kind in the world. We hope to help others become aware of this. Please respect our public lands. LEAVE NO TRACE.

We truly did not want to have to give out deferments, but for everyones safety, it was without a doubt the best decision of the weekend.

For those that did show up for the 2018 Moonbow Ultra Flood Route Edition, we had an absolute blast with you all! Thank you so much for everyone’s support and we will continue to help facilitate more events that continue to focus on protecting our stunning Kentucky public lands 🙏

- Love Dan, Riah, and EJ



Moonbow Ultra Trail Before


Moonbow Ultra Trail After